our history

About our company

Gunnoe Sausage Company has its roots in Charleston, West Virginia at the country store run by James Earl Gunnoe. Gunnoe, an industrious hog farmer and store owner, made sausage in his store using his own special recipe. Word got out about Earl’s fresh, but uniquely flavorful recipe, and folks came from all around the region to purchase his great sausage.

After World War II, his son Raymond Gunnoe starting making Gunnoe’s Sausage and transporting it to local stores and restaurants. Over the years the business expanded and people grew to love Gunnoe’s sausage. In 1965, Charles Dewey Gunnoe, who grew up on his father’s West Virginia farm and delivered groceries off the back of his pony as a young boy, moved to the Cifax/Goode area of Bedford County and began making Gunnoe’s Sausage at our Cifax facilities and supplying the same premium sausage to stores in Virginia. Dewey, his wife Fern, his daughter Cynthia and sons Craig and Chad built the sausage business to where Gunnoe’s sausage is available throughout the Mid-Atlantic.